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La Langoustine

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La Langoustine (Du Diable)

These are some of the Boats that Are currently being worked on as

 wither experimental projects of for exploring the Dorset coast.

La Langoustine is a flat bottomed sailing skiff, ideal for beach

landings, Plus she only cost  fifteen pounds to build (plus four days hard graft)


La Langoustine's 2x1 farmework.

A hull Made from old exterior ply doors freom a Pontins holiday camp.

Tar for sealing joints and tar for painting.

The Smugglers Steps, It took Eight Willing(?) voluteers to carry her down.

A proper home For a proper small smuggling boat.

La Langoustine (Du Diable) is currently Lying at a secret

 location in Dorset and is used to add spice to the stories

about the history of the area by a local education centre.

 Although Now and then she can be seen sailing

 the bays, on who know what errands!